Why don't you show times of "Blue hour"?

Please see this article for our thinking around this:

Magical Gold and Blue: Confusion in the Twilight Zone

The short version:

  • We're not big fans of this term.
  • It has no generally agreed definition.
  • Different apps define it differently, so you won't see consistent times.
  • Sunset, Civil and Nautical Twilight gives you everything you need to know based on widely accepted scientific definitions

We have adopted "Golden hour" (another term that is not well defined, but one that has some practical usefulness and which does not duplicate an existing scientifically-defined term) as follows:

  • "Golden hour" is the time when the sun is between 0° and +6° above the horizon


  • Other apps define it differently - we respectfully disagree 😬
  • "Golden hour" ≠ "Magic hour"
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