Open in TPE 3D not working

Affects: TPE 3D 1.4 with iOS 13

Some users are affected by a bug in TPE 3D 1.4 running under iOS 13, where the app crashes at start up when opened from the Open in TPE 3D action in TPE.

Cause: iOS 13 appears to change the startup sequence of the app from previous releases (iOS 12 and previous) when the app is opened from via a universal link (which is how TPE opens TPE 3D). The change in sequence results in the app crashing.

Workaround: You can avoid this crash by opening TPE 3D and leaving it running in the background before using the Open in TPE 3D function in TPE. This ensures the app has started cleanly before being accessed from TPE.

Solution: we have a fix for this already written (it's a simple change). However, for reasons as yet unknown, TPE 3D is not running correctly under iOS 13 when built using the latest versions of Xcode. We are working to resolve this so we can release the update with the permanent fix (which removes the need for the workaround mentioned above).

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