iOS app is in the wrong language

If an app such as TPE appears in the "wrong" language after an update, it is likely because a new translation has been added that matches one of the installed languages on your device.

Depending on the preference order of the languages, the app may appear, for example, in German  or Spanish rather than English if either of those languages are a higher priority preference. Given the language Settings below, TPE will appear in a language other than English:



At the time of writing, TPE (as an example) is available in English, German and Spanish. If you would prefer to view TPE in English rather than German or Spanish, you will need to list English as a preferred language ahead of both German and Spanish, as shown:


Please note: this setting affects all apps on your device, not only TPE or other of our apps. It is not possible to select a language on a per app basis (unless the app provides a setting for this, which is generally not the case, and is not something supported by TPE or our other iOS apps).



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