How can I submit a Skyfire Field Report?

The Skyfire team welcomes field reports from users. A field report gives all the information required to help debug a sunrise/sunset forecast and understand and improve how the algorithm is performing.

You can easily submit a field report by navigating to the Skyfire page within TPE for iOS and choosing Submit field report:


In the subsequent screen, you can select a photo showing the sunrise or sunset in question, and then answer two simple questions about how it compared with what you had expected.

When you select a photo, the app determines the time, location and direction of the photo (if available) so that we can match your report to the corresponding forecast.


Thank you for considering filing a field report - they really help us understand how to improve Skyfire.

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    Desmond Stagg

    What is Skyfire and what use would it be for me? I believe this has to be paid for hence the Q.

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    Desmond - please see the Skyfire website for full details.

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