Google Play Services are Updating

If you see this message at the top left or center of the map (and no map content displayed), it is possible your device may be affected by an ongoing issue with Google Play Services. If the "Google Play Services are Updating" message is persistent (i.e. lasts more than ~10 minutes), you are probably affected by this bug.

This is affecting many different apps, not only TPE, but appears to be affecting predominantly Huawei devices.

Update Thu 17 May: 

Google: "We are pleased to report that a beta version of Google Play Services is ready.  We believe this version mitigates the issue on Huawei devices running Android 7.0 Nougat, or higher.  An important caveat is that each time the device is rebooted, you will need to wait about one minute before launching the affected applications.

Starting today at midnight (Pacific Time), the beta will be rolled-out to a segment of the community that has signed-up for the Google Play Services Public Beta Program.  It will ramp to increasing segments of the beta audience over the next few days.  We invite you to join the beta program at to obtain an early release of this and future versions of Google Play Services.  Once beta testing is complete it will be rolled out in stages to all users." (from the Google Bug Report - link).

Google Bug Report

Google is currently investigating. Please check the bug report here and star the issue to indicate that you affected by it:

Starring the issue helps raise priority for a fix from Google.

Temporary Workaround

You may be able to achieve a temporary fix as shown in this video:

We're sorry if you've run into this problem - we're actively tracking the Google bug report and will update this article with new details as they become available.


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