How to reinstall a previously purchased app

If you have previously purchased an app, you can reinstall free of charge (or install it on additional devices) as follows:


Apple iPhone/iPad - please follow the instructions here:

If you're still being asked to pay for the app again, you need to open a support ticket with Apple iTunes Support:

  1. Find the record of your purchase in your iTunes history ( and take a screenshot
  2. Take a screenshot showing that you're signed into the App Store using the same Apple ID as in the purchase history record
  3. Take a screenshot showing that the App Store is asking you to pay again
  4. Contact Apple iTunes Support via email (use this form: sending the three screenshots and an explanation of the issue.
  5. When you get a response, in the event it does not resolve the issue and you are directed to contact the developer (us), please copy us (support@photoephemeris) on the reply so we can all be on the same support ticket. We'll be happy to work with Apple to help get this resolved.

Note: occasionally, Apple iTunes Support will say that the developer needs to resolve the situation where you have previously purchased an app and are being asked by the App Store to pay again. This is incorrect - there are no tools available to developers to view or troubleshoot a customer's iTunes and App Store purchase history. The only exception is for In-App Purchases where the product is managed by the developer independently of the App Store.


Please follow the instructions here:

If you're on Android and you're still being asked to pay again, and have confirmed you're signed into Google Play with the same account that was used to purchase the app originally, try going to Settings/Apps, clear the cache data for the Play Store app, then restart your device.


  • Unfortunately, we're unable to support transfer of licenses from one operating system to another (e.g. from Android to iOS or vice versa). Please see our FAQ article on this for more details.
  • If you originally purchased the app in a different country (i.e. your Apple ID or Google Play account was based in a different country), you may be asked to pay again. If this situation arises, please contact us and send proof of purchase so we can assist
  • Occasionally we may withdraw an app from sale in a certain market (e.g. due to a change in local laws, regulations or export laws). If you are able to access the App Store or Google Play in a country where the app remains available, we can probably assist. If not, and if you have proof of purchase, please contact us to discuss options.
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