My locations are not saved

Note: If you value your saved locations, we highly recommend signing up for an account and using the free location synchronization feature.


If you find that saved locations disappear between sessions using the web app, it's almost certain that your browser is configured to clear cookies and local storage at the end of a session, or that you have done so manually.

The web app saves locations and settings to browser local storage. If this is cleared, then so are your locations and settings.

Browser settings vary by version. However in Chrome, you can control your cookie settings by navigating to:




Ensure that "Keep local data only until you quit your browser" is not enabled (assuming you want TPE to save your data).

In Firefox, you can view preferences by entering the following in the address bar:


Under History, you can choose Remember history:


Alternatively, if you use Custom Settings, ensure that Cookies are kept until they expire


You may wish to configure a specific policy for if you have privacy concerns about accepting cookies by default.

Note: the TPE web app does not make any significant use of cookies. Instead it uses browser local storage. This is a separate storage mechanism, but is generally treated in the same way as cookies with respect to browser settings (i.e. if you clear cookies, you clear browser local storage too).

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