What can I do with the Project or Shot KML file?

When you email your project or shot, the email contains the data in KML format.

KML (Keyhole Markup Language) is a standard data format used by programs such as Google Earth™ and various GPS apps to exchange geographic information.

You can open the KML export in Google Earth on your desktop computer, or even on other iOS or Android devices. (The Desktop version of Google Earth offers the best KML support, however.)

If you export a project, then your shot list will appear as a folder within Google Earth. Each shot is included as a sub-folder. Click on the folder to view the full shot details (similar to the data included in the email itself). Double click on the camera within the folder to fly to a viewpoint above the camera, looking towards your subject.

You can also open the KML file in your favorite mobile GPS app, for example, Gaia GPS, so you can be guided to your shooting location.

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