What do you mean by a 'Shot'?

In Photo Transit, a Shot is a way of saving the state of the app to record the key details you need to recreate a photo.

Each Shot includes the following information:

  • A name for the shot
  • Camera coordinates (latitude/longitude)
  • Camera type/name
  • Lens selection and focal length (if using a variable zoom lens)
  • Camera orientation (landscape/portrait)
  • Pitch (the amount of tilt up/down, measured in degrees)
  • Height above the ground
  • Subject coordinates (latitude/longitude)
  • Subject height above ground (for example, the height of a building)
  • Map view details (zoom level, map center coordinates)

Optionally, you can include a reference URL, a reference photo and freeform text notes.

So, a ‘shot’ isn't the actual photo – it's the plan of how to make the photo.

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