Can I use Photo Transit offline?

Yes. Photo Transit provides options for both offline maps and elevation data. The following offline map types are included:

  • Open Street Map
  • Open Cycle Map topographic, provided by Thunderforest

The following elevation data sources support offline use:

  • SRTM3
  • AsterGDEM

For both maps and elevation, data is available offline for up to 1 year from the time of first download. Offline storage is automatic upon access to the data. That means you must view the data you need while connected to the internet, using one of the supported offline map types or data sources. When you subsequently view the data while offline, the map tiles and data are loaded from your local offline store.

Other map and elevation data sources may be available when offline if you have viewed the required data recently, but this should be not relied on.

You can clear all offline data stored by the app from the Settings page.

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