Are my shot lists private?

Generally yes, unless you choose to share them via Social networking, or add a shot to your Calendar.

When you email a shot or a project, the email contains one or more links to our sharing site, However, that link is only included in your email, so access to it is under your control.

If you share a shot via Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites, or add it to your Calendar via the app, then we will generate a shortened version of the URL. Your Shot URL is sent to a 3rd party link shortening service to obtain the shortened URL and will be included in the list of shortened links under our account.

Additionally, if you or anyone with whom you share either the long or short form of the link clicks that link, the URL will be recorded in the web logs and analytics for our website.

Otherwise, at this time, your shots are not uploaded by the app to any other database or location.

For details on how we handle your data, please refer to our privacy policy.

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