How can I use Street View?

Google Street View™ provides street level 360° imagery for many road networks in countries around the world.

If you position your camera near a street for which Street View imagery is available, you can use Photo Transit as a virtual Street View camera controller, zooming in or out and adjusting the pitch up and down. The initial direction of the Street View camera is set to point to the subject position for your shot.

The field of view of the Street View camera is set to match the horizontal field of view of your camera/lens setup, as far as possible. (Please note, this is field of view is an approximation, not a precise match – however, we think it’s a useful one.)

You can use the Street View imagery to get a sense of your shot composition. In addition, you can use the built-in Street View controls to adjust your shot setup: zooming in or out directly on Street View will adjust the selected focal length of your camera, up to the limits of the selected variable zoom lens. Panning to adjust the direction of view will move your subject pin, but maintain the previous camera-subject range. Tilting the Street View camera up and down will adjust your camera pitch setting. Advancing the Street View camera down a road will move your camera pin to the new Street View car coordinates.

Note: the Street View camera is generally positioned around 2m or 7-8 ft above the ground. Changing the camera height in Photo Transit won't affect this.

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