Can I use a non-interchangeable lens camera with Photo Transit?

Yes. However, at present, there’s a little more work to set it up.

The app currently expects lenses to be separate from cameras. Add your camera first. You may well need to add a custom camera type (such as for compact cameras), which means you’ll need to look up the sensor dimensions for your camera. These can normally be obtained from the manufacturer’s web-site under the technical specifications page.

Once you have the camera setup, you will need to add the lens. Depending on the camera, this will either be a prime (fixed focal length) or a zoom (variable focal length) lens – typically, it will be a zoom.

This should be the only lens you should add for the camera. After all – the lens is not interchangeable, right?

We plan to add built-in support for non-interchangeable lens cameras soon.

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