Support for Universal Links and Handoff

TPE for iOS supports the Apple technologies know as Universal Links and Continuity. Per Apple's documentation:

When you support universal links, iOS users can tap a link to your website and get seamlessly redirected to your installed app without going through Safari. If your app isn’t installed, tapping a link to your website opens your website in Safari.

In practice, this means that TPE for iOS and the TPE Web App both use the same link format, such that you can open a link from one using the other, and vice versa.

Continuity is essentially a way to get a link from one device to another. Make sure to read this article for help on getting it set up on your devices. Typical ways in which you can use Handoff and Universal Links with TPE include:

  • Send a link from the web app to your iPhone or iPad via email, iMessage or similar and click it to open directly in TPE
  • Send a link via AirDrop, a convenient way to get data quickly from one device to another over Bluetooth
  • Use Handoff.

Send a link

If you copy the address bar in your web browser while using the TPE web app, you'll get a link that looks similar to this:,-18.999581&center=63.4296,-18.9996&z=8&spn=1.21,6.05&dt=20180331070800%2B0000

You can click this link to open the TPE Web App on your laptop or desktop, or to open TPE for iOS on your phone or tablet. If you send the link to a phone or tablet, you can click to open it directly in the app:


Send via Airdrop

If you have a page open in the TPE Web App in Safari, you can send it via Airdrop to another device. Click the Share icon Screen_Shot_2018-01-19_at_1.50.39_PM.png, then choose Airdrop, and select the device to which you wish to send the link. Note, the receiving device will need to have Bluetooth and Airdrop enabled, and be configured to receive from your device.

Open via Handoff

If you have TPE open on one device (web app or native app), you can use Handoff to open the same configuration in TPE on another device. Generally, these devices must be configured to use the same iCloud account - i.e. Handoff is used from your laptop to your phone, not someone else's phone (use the above methods for that use case).

See this article for details on how to use Handoff: 

macOS Sierra: Pick up where you left off with Handoff

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