I just downloaded TPE. Where is it?

Note: this article shows screenshots from Android 6. If you're running a different version of Android or a modified version from a device vendor, details may vary, but by and large the principles should be similar.

After purchasing TPE on Google Play, the app should show as installed, with buttons to Open it directly from with the page in Google Play:

Please confirm that the app is actually showing as installed on your device by checking the Google Play TPE Page on your deviceIf you purchased the app on your PC, it may show as installed there but not in fact be installed on your device.

After install, Android will also add a shortcut to the app on your device's 'desktop':

You can also locate the app by looking your app drawer or folder:

Recently used or installed apps are listed at the top automatically. Additionally, you can search by app name by typing in the search field:

After searching for TPE, you should see something like this:

Alternatively, simply scroll down the list to view more installed apps. You'll find TPE there too:

If, after checking all the above, you still cannot find TPE on your device, please send the following information to

  1. Screenshot from your Android device (not PC) of the TPE listing page in Google Play
  2. Your Google Play Order ID so we can check the order status on the back end. (This is usually of the form "GPA.1234-5678-9012-34567".)
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    Capt. Stan Walker

    I purchased TPE through Google Store, it states that it is installed per Google Store but cannot find it on my LG21G any place. I love this app on my desktop but need to take it with me in the field as I travel. I checked all of the above but no luck. Any suggestions would be appreciated?


    Capt Stan

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    Hi Stan - these are pretty much all the suggestions I have. When you view the app in Google Play, does it show listed as installed?

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