How to view web console output in your browser

If you are experiencing problems with our web app (, you may be asked to send console output that will help us diagnose the problem.

This article shows briefly how to find this output.

You will first need to open developer tools and view the console. The method to do so varies a little by browser.

In the browsers Chrome and Firefox the hotkeys for opening the developer console are Cmd + alt + I on Mac, and Ctrl + Shift + I on Windows.

In Safari, you can enable Develop tools as described here. The simplest way to view the Console is often to right-click on the page, then choose Inspect Element from the menu, as shown:


After opening the developer tools you should be able to find a tab called Console. If not visible, it usually appears by pressing the ESC key.

After loading the web app and reproducing the issue you are experiencing, you can copy whatever output is shown in the console and paste into an email to send to us.

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