Unable to view Skyfire forecasts

If you're unable to view Skyfire forecasts, here are the steps to check. On the Skyfire page within the app:

  1. Confirm you're shown as "Signed in". If not, then tap the button and sign in to your account
  2. Confirm that you're subscription level is shown correctly: either "Skyfire Plus" or "Skyfire". You can tap on the row to view details or to re-subscribe if your trial or subscription has ended.
  3. Check that you have Skyfire enabled using the switch control

Important: if, after checking the items shown below, you're still having trouble seeing the forecasts, please email us at with the equivalent screenshots to those shown below so we can help troubleshoot further.

If all that is looking good, then on the Map within TPE:

  1. Select today's date (or a date within 2 days from today, or 4 days fro Skyfire Plus)
  2. If necessary, switch to Day mode
  3. On the timeline beneath the map, tap 'Sunrise'
  4. Zoom out so you can see an area of at least 100 miles or kilometres. If you're zoomed in too far, the overlay will not be visible on Apple Maps. Also, if clear skies are forecast, it may appear that nothing is being displayed.
  5. The Skyfire map overlay should display - you'll need to be connected to the internet in order for it to load.

You should see the Skyfire map overlay on screen.

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