Can I transfer my licence from iOS to Android (or vice versa)?

Unfortunately not.

As you might imagine neither Apple or Google provides any practical mechanism to transfer a current user from one platform to the other, so that you would be able to the run the app as a licensed user and continue to receive updates.

There is also unfortunately no mechanism under either the App Store or Google Play to offer a discount to a user by way of recognition of a previous purchase on another platform (or for any reason, in fact).

Additionally, each mobile version of TPE is built and maintained separately with its own costs and investment of time.

We appreciate your understanding.

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    Phil Walton

    You could always not charge for the app and let users log in and register for a "premium" account (or whatever). You already do this with the SkyFire feature, why not do it with everything?

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    That might be something we could do in the future, but right now, I still think there's a lot of resistance to subscription-based models for apps that aren't fundamentally a service (which Skyfire is - the forecasts are updated multiple times a day).

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