Not receiving Skyfire Plus Push Notifications

Using Skyfire Plus (or during the 30-day free trial), you can configure favorite locations for which to receive push notifications to your device when a good sunrise or sunset is forecast.

If you're not receiving these notifications as expected, here's what to check.

Note: you do not need to be signed into your Skyfire account on your device in order to receive push notifications. The notifications are generated by our server and do not require a sign in on a device in order to be sent or received.

Check favorite locations

If all this looks in order, then check that you have notifications enabled for the relevant locations. Tap the settings button on the Favorite Locations Forecasts screen:

Finally, check that notifications are enabled for at least one or more of your favorite locations and that the thresholds are set as you expect:

Finally, click Save. The first time you do this on a device, you'll be prompted to allow TPE to send Push Notifications:

Check Push Notifications Settings

If you're still not receiving notifications (and you've completed the steps above already and waited at least 72 hours for some new forecasts to come in that would trigger a notification to be sent), then in the device's Settings app (not within TPE's settings), find Notifications:


Scroll down to find TPE within the list of apps:


Check that Push Notifications are enabled for the app:


You can configure how notifications appear for TPE using the remaining settings on this screen.

Setting up additional devices

If you wish to use an additional iOS device and receive push notifications, be sure to follow these steps:

  1. Install TPE for iOS
  2. Log in to your Crookneck Photo Apps account and synchronize your saved locations to the device (this assumes you're using Location Synch, which is recommended to ensure you have the same favorite locations on all your devices)
  3. Go to the Skyfire controls page and choose Favorite location forecasts
  4. Click the Settings button at the top right to edit your notifications preferences
  5. You don't need to make any changes, but do click Save. This will prompt TPE to register your new device for Push Notifications, as shown below
  6. Click OK to allow Push Notifications

You should now be all set to receive push notifications on your additional device.

If you're still not receiving Push Notifications, please let us know and we can investigate.


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