How can I learn more?

We have several resources available to help you learn more about our apps and how to apply them in your photography.

Quick Start Guides

Each version of the app contains a Quick Start Guide which you can access directly. Be sure to read that first before progressing onto the other material below.

Help Center

This site contains a good number of articles on the functionality of the apps, usage and troubleshooting tips. Please browse around or try the search field - you'll probably find what you need.


There are a good number of tutorials here on this site - just search for "tutorials" or browse from the home page.

For TPE users, even if you're using one of our mobile apps, we encourage you to work through the tutorials for the TPE web app. These contain some fundamental conceptual materials that can usefully be applied to all versions of TPE. Specifically, the tutorial on geodetics is highly recommended: Using TPE Desktop Web App, Part 3: Geodetics


If you prefer watching videos to reading, then please be sure to check out our channels on Vimeo for a wide selection of video tutorials and guides:


We have a blog on Medium covering TPE and TPE 3D which includes some articles that cover important background topics such as What is Sunrise? and Magical Gold and Blue: Confusion in the Twilight Zone:

The Photographer's Ephemeris on Medium

On the web

There are a good number of tutorials around the web on how to use TPE, created by other photographers. Google does a great job of finding them:

photographer's ephemeris tutorial


If you have a specific question, feel free to Submit a request and we'll get back to you!

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