Locations won't synchronize

Occasionally you may find certain saved locations appear not to synchronize across devices or between the TPE web and mobile apps. This is typically due to differences in computer clock timings between devices.

Here are some simple steps to try to solve this issue.

Make a backup

Firstly, create a backup of your saved locations on each affected device and keep in a safe place. You shouldn't need these, but it's always best to have a backup at hand.

For the TPE web app, this is done as follows:


See this post for details on exporting from TPE for iOS, and this post for TPE for Android.

Synchronize locations on each device

Next, for each affected device, synchronize locations using the synchronize button on the locations page in either TPE for iOS or the TPE Web App.

This will ensure that your locations are at least synched to the server. You should verify that each location has been synched to the server by checking for the presence of a cloud icon next to the location (e.g. see the screenshot above).

Clean your locations

Cleaning locations removes locations from the local device but not from the server. It also resets the "last synched" date/time.

(Additionally, on TPE for iOS, cleaning locations does not delete anything on the device that was not already synched to the server. This does not apply to the web app.)

For the TPE Web app, you can clean locations as shown:


In TPE for iOS, go to Settings, scroll down to the Locations section and choose Clear synchronized data…:


Resynchronize on each device

Finally, on each device Synchronize locations. This should resolve the issue and all locations should appear on all devices.

Still having trouble?

If you're still having trouble, please open a support request. Be sure to include specific examples of locations that are missing from your device or are out of date so we can check them on the server in the first instance.

Screenshots are always very helpful in troubleshooting, so also include those if possible.

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