Open in TPE 3D opens Mobile Safari

TPE 3D uses Apple "Universal Links". Such links can be opened in either a native iOS App or in Mobile Safari. Your device will default to the most recent behaviour when opening links.

If you find that when attempting to use the "Open in TPE 3D" option in TPE, a page opens in Mobile Safari instead, you can do the following trick to switch your preference to have the link open TPE 3D directly.

Note: please do confirm that you have TPE 3D installed on the device, and that the app is updated (older versions may not support the Universal Link functionality).

To open in TPE 3D from Mobile Safari:

  1. Swipe down on the page to reveal the app "smart banner"
  2. If you have a suitable version of TPE 3D installed, the banner should show an Open button at the right
  3. Tap Open to open the page in TPE 3D

Here it is in action:


Delete and reinstall

If the above steps do not resolve the problem, please try deleting and reinstalling TPE 3D from the App Store. This is known to have resolved the problem for at least one user.

The process of reinstalling an app will trigger iOS to check for the apple site association file that links a web URL with a specific app. This is the mechanism that tells iOS to open TPE 3D instead of Safari. It seems that very rarely, this file is not correctly queried and that Universal Links for that app always default to Safari even though TPE 3D is installed.

Testing link

This link places a map pin on the summit of the mountain K2:,76.513340&center=35.8809,76.5133&spn=0.10,0.10&z=12.4

You can use this to test directly from this page. If you have TPE 3D installed and Universal Links are working correctly, the above link should open directly in the app.

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    S. Kuss

    Deleting and reinstalling worked for me. But..first I killed everything in Safari, including Settings/Safari/Advanced/Website Data. Deleted TPE 3D. Rebooted. Then reinstalled and now it works. It would always open in Safari, then I could open from there, but the parameters were never passed. Now, it looks like Safari flashes, then straight to TPE 3D with the pins and locations as it should be. I had little hope that this would work as I have other apps (YouTube) that work this same (wrong) way, and I have never been able to get it fixed. Thanks for this, as I bought TPE 3D largely based on this capability. These two apps are a kick-now if it would just stop raining....

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