Unable to renew Skyfire Subscription

Tip: If you're not seeing any options to renew your subscription, ensure you've scrolled down the page far enough to see the renewal options.

Skyfire Subscriptions can be renewed any time in the month before they expire. If your subscription expiration date lies in the future, you will not be able to renew until the date shown in the subscription detail page:



The reasons for this restriction are as follows:

  • New subscriptions extend your current subscription duration.
  • If customers could renew at will, they could inadvertently purchase a subscription well beyond what they needed or intended.
  • We are unable to sell subscriptions for service that extends beyond the lifespan of our licensing agreement with Skyfire Services LLC (the company that provides the Skyfire data and forecasts)
  • It's important that we do not take on service obligations for Skyfire that extend too far into the future, in the case that we need to significantly modify, or even with draw the service from the market (for example, due to unforeseen changes in availability or licensing terms for the underlying data from which the Skyfire forecasts are produced)

Thanks for your understanding.

Still unable to renew?

If your subscription is within the renewal period or has expired and you still see no options to renew, please check the following:

  • Check you've scrolled the bottom of the Subscription page: the renewal options may be below the fold on smaller devices
  • Ensure your device has a working internet connection when you start the app or when you access the Skyfire screen (this is required to download available products and to process your purchase)
  • Ensure you have an iTunes account configured with a valid payment method associated with it (e.g. valid credit card registered with Apple). See the device's Settings app, under iTunes & App Store. Ensure you are signed in to the account.
  • Ensure that Restrictions are either disabled on the device (see Settings>General>Restrictions) or, if they are enabled, that In-App Purchases are allowed. Please see the screenshots below for details.
  • If none of this helps, try restarting your device. For reasons unknown, this has resolved this issue for at least one user.


See Settings>General>Restrictions. This screenshot shows the iOS 11 settings screen when Restrictions are off:


If Restrictions are enabled, then check that In App Purchases are allowed, as shown:



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