Location database errors

Rarely, you may encounter one of the following message when starting TPE, or accessing the saved locations list:

  • "A serious error occurred while trying to open/backup/migrate/ the locations database. Please contact for assistance."
  • "We encountered an error while attempting to update the locations database. Please contact support at for assistance."
  • "Internal application error: please contact support"

These errors can potentially occur after updating the app from an old version, or if the database has suffered some sort of data corruption (highly unlikely, but not impossible).


The simplest resolution is to delete TPE from your device and reinstall it from the App Store.

Note, however, that if you have saved locations, deleting the app will delete them from your device. In the absence of a KML export or having previously synchronized your saved locations to cloud, the data will be irretrievably lost.

If you do not have a KML export and have not synchronized your saved locations, but wish to try to retain them, do not delete TPE. Please refer to this article for details on options on how to retrieve the saved locations:

Retrieving missing locations

Otherwise, deleting and reinstalling the app afresh will resolve the above error conditions.


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