Date and Mode Controls

The selected date and mode is displayed at the top of the screen, along with additional controls to change the date. The sun and moon data displayed on the map below is always calculated for the selected date, so it's important to ensure this is set correctly.

The app can be used in two distinct modes, day mode and night mode. The current mode is indicated by the icon to the left of the date at the top of the screen:

Day Mode day-mode.png The app shows sun and moon data for period from midnight-to-midnight for the selected date. Use this mode for daylight photography, including sunrise. sunset and twilight.
Night Mode night-mode.png The app shows moon, milky way and star data for the period midday-to-midday, starting at midday on the selected date. Use this mode for night photography.

You can control the selected date using dedicated buttons as follows:

Previous Event previous-event.png Set date/time to that of the previous celestial event before the current selected date 
Previous Day previous.png Move back one day
Next Day next.png Move forward one day
Next Event next-event.png Set date/time to that of the next celestial event after the current selected date


Note: previous/next event buttons are not shown on devices with 3.5 or 4 inch screens (e.g. iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5). You can select events from the list displayed by tapping the selected date.


Select either day or night mode using the options shown.

See here for a guide to the information that is displayed when Night Mode is enabled.

Select date

Tap the date displayed at the centre of the navigation bar to select a particular date. A date picker control and list of celestial events is displayed. Tap Now to select the current date and time. Note, that the time is set to that of your device's internal clock, irrespective of the time zone for the current location shown on the map.

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