Does TPE account for time zone and daylight saving time?

Yes. TPE determines the time zone and daylight saving rule for the red pin location. The time zone and offset are shown at the top left of the map:


If we look at the same location but later in the year after the end of summer time, you can see that the offset from GMT has changed, as expected:


Be sure to double check and confirm the indicated time zone, and make manual corrections if necessary, if any of the following apply to the location you're working in:

  • Located near to a known time zone geographic boundary
  • Time zone boundaries have recently been created or changed
  • Time zone rules have recently been updated
  • Daylight Saving Time rules have recently been updated

IANA maintains the list of time zones and publishes several updates a year, usually:

We update the copy of the time zone database used in TPE usually once or twice a year. If you are aware of any problems in TPE related to incorrect time zone boundaries or rules, please contact us to let us know.

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