Cannot go to current location

If, when you press the "Go to current location" button in TPE 3D, the button does not activate, then it's likely that you don't have Location Services enabled, or, if you do, that TPE 3D has been denied permission to use access your device's location.

You can check that as follows. First, in Settings on the device, choose Privacy:


Next, tap on Location Services:


Confirm that Location Services is enabled, and switch it on if necessary:


Next, scroll down the list of apps until you see TPE 3D. (Note: if you have never used the "Track location" button within TPE 3D, the app will not be listed here - in that case, go the app, tap "go to current location" second from top at the right of the map, and grant permission to access your device's location when prompted.)


Tap on the row to view further details. Ensure that "While Using the App" is selected:


Once you have confirmed these settings, return to TPE 3D and check that the "track location" button activates as expected when tapped once:


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