App consumes too much energy

TPE 3D is an intensive app in terms of its network, CPU and GPU (graphics processor unit) usage. If you find that using TPE 3D drains your device's battery quickly, here are a few tips on conserving energy.

High Energy Usage Activities

Here is a list of the typical activities within the app that consume a significant energy:

  • Loading a location for the first time (requires the data to be downloaded)
  • Automated playback (causes the scene lighting to be recalculated at high frequency)
  • Flying for significant distances (graphics and data intensive)
  • Frequent camera movement in Enhanced Mode (uses high resolution terrain and shadows)
  • Leaving the app set at maximum Scene Complexity in Settings (places the highest load on the GPU and CPU)

The worst possible scenario would be something like this: max scene complexity, with Enhanced mode enable, Ken Burns effect enabled and timeline automated playback left on. To reduce energy usage, consider avoiding some or all of these activities until you have sufficient power available.

Minimizing Energy Usage

The following items are recommended to reduce energy consumption:

  • Reduce Scene Complexity in Settings: this is a trade-off however - reduced scene complexity means reduced detail in the 3D model
  • Use WiFi rather then cellular/mobile data: the WiFi chip typically consumes less energy than the cellular data network 
  • Visit only locations you have previously visited where data is already cached on the device
  • Minimize Flying. If you need to get to somewhere specific, consider Searching instead, or return to a location from your Saved Locations list
  • Minimize timeline scrolling
  • Avoid use of Automated Playback
  • Avoid use of Enhanced Mode
  • Enable Navigation Lighting while flying: navigation lighting disables all shadow rendering in the app (which is an expensive activity)

Low Power Mode

TPE 3D respects the operating system's Low Power Mode. When your device is in Low Power Mode (controlled via the iOS Settings screen under Battery), the Scene Complexity setting is reduced by two steps (where possible) to reduce network, GPU and CPU energy usage. In addition, Automated Playback is disabled.

When Low Power Mode is enabled, the app will display a warning alert as shown below. Additionally, the elevation data network loading indicator at the top left of the map area displays in yellow (the same color as used in iOS 10 to indicate that the device is in Low Power Mode):


When Low Power Mode is disabled, the app will revert to using the Scene Complexity configured in Settings and Automated Playback will once again be available.

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