Redeeming in-app purchase promo codes

Apple recently added promo codes for in-app purchases. Here's how to redeem them. For this example, we're going to use our partner SNAPP Guides, but the same approach will work for The Photographer's Ephemeris also. Here goes:

1) In the App Store app on your device, go to the home page, scroll down and choose Redeem:


2) Next you need to enter the promo code:


3) If you received the code via email, you can copy and paste it, or retype it by choosing the manual entry option:

4) You may be prompted to enter you iTunes password. Once the promo code is processed, you'll see a confirmation screen:

5) Generally with in-app purchases, you'll need to choose "Restore purchase" to let the app know about the new in-app purchase products that you're now entitled to use. Open SNAPP Guides and choose About from the side bar:

6) Scroll to the bottom of the About Page and choose Restore Purchases:

7) Once done, you'll see your new SNAPP Guide downloading under the "My Guides" section:

The exact process for restoring purchases varies from app to app, so you may need to dig around a little to find it in other apps that support in-app purchases.

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